History of the Bayswater Club

Bayswater ClubThe Takapuna Boating Club started in 1914 on the shores of the Shoal Bay as the Bayswater Boating club and shortly after the First World War was re-established as the Takapuna Boating Club when a decision was made to erect a club house.

An old tannery building in Panmure was purchased. Over several weekends Club members demolished the building and barged all the timbers to Bayswater where they immediately set about building the magnificent building which still stands today. In 1926 the site on which the club house stands was gifted to the Club by Act of Parliament. A swimming pool that flushed with the tide was established on the seaward side by the then Takapuna Borough Council. The Takapuna Boating Club operated from this club house until the late 1960’s hosting a number of major regattas in Shoal Bay and it is still used by the club as a sailing venue for learners and, when the tide is appropriate, for regattas.

It is now recognized as an historic building on both the North Shore City’s Heritage Register and the Auckland Regional Council’s Coastal Plan and the club is working towards its restoration.

Takapuna Boating Club - Sir Peter Blake Parade - Bayswater.

A Brief History as compiled by Janet Garrett


Bayswater Boating Club in operation. Green and white flag designed. Commodore H Bach elected at meeting held in “Skipper” George Crossley’s shed (Beresford Street)


Takapuna Boating club constituted to negotiate with Auckland Harbour Board for mooring area to west of ferry wharf.

February 6th Formation meeting held.
February 10th
First committee meeting.
February 12th New rules drafted including blue and gold flags.
March 9th TBC guarantee 35 pounds per annum to Auckland Harbour for interest on loan to dredge boat harbour (now under BML carpark)

Each boat owner was billed an extra £2: 15/ -.


September 2nd Mr Oscar Moller elected Commodore at AGM. Meeting & decided a club house a must! Funds were earmarked for a clubhouse £80:.


Purchase of Irelands Tannery, Ireland Road Panmure (site backed on to Tamaki River) Auction of buildings cost 310 pounds , balance advanced by Moller and Fortzer. Total advance £350 including food and transport of workers.

Bought 40,000 feet of timber and extras. (lead and louvres)

Club members dismantled and barged timber and all useful bits to Bayswater, to be stored on park across from the Bayswater site. Fred Fortzer, W Snowden, M Forsyth were the professional builders who worked during the week and managed the construction. F Fortzer designed the building.

Foundation boxing was built on Tuesday and Thursday evenings and Saturday afternoon. 25 men on Saturday poured concrete regardless of rain and tide.

Construction time 5 months to a usable building.(exterior)

Debentures – life memberships – were sold and raised £300 and 2 gala days raised £170.


August 29th Parliamentary private members Bill passed through to transfer title to TBC. MP Alex Harris arranged the bill.

December - The clubhouse was usable for sailing.


Clubhouse interior was finished and gas lighting fitted. Electricity fitted when Bayswater area was supplied.


April 15th Table for hall kitchen made. Kauri sandwich table still in “supper room” (second floor)


August 26th Smoke Concert and reunion “Tendered to voluntary workers and donors through whose efforts our debt free clubhouse was made possible”

September 19th Thank you letter to L.S.Davis who ran the dances and entertainment assisted by volunteer members.

May 13th The General Electrical Depot, A.W.Mullenger signs contract to show films.


March 19th to 27th Borough of Takapuna gave permission to hold Easter Gala (Saturday and Monday) to raise funds for lining of clubhouse. Site of gala was at end of the Strand Takapuna Beach. Sideshows, swimming races for children and treasure hunt.


May 22nd Boxing contest held with help of Northern Boxing Assn and Royal NZ Navy.

September 10th Gift of wheel and flagpoles from Takapuna Tram and Ferry company’s ship “Britannia” (being scrapped) Wheel and flagpoles later fitted onto clubhouse (And can be seen on the south wall in old photos)

September 22nd Timber to line ladies committee room from Mr F Fortzer (room became part of general committee room in 1950 then part of Bayswater Windsports shop on second floor.)


June 10th Takapuna Borough Council licence.

  • Cost £2.Conditions
  • 350 persons in hall
  • 150 persons in supper room.

Not to be used on Sundays except with council permission & sufficient fire extinguishers in place.

Over this period regular dances were held plus lectures, sports events and polling booth for national and local elections. Also Belmont school, held annual concert and dances. Extra funds were raised by galas and an annual raffle.


January 26thQuote from Readdy and Robinson to wire the clubhouse for electricity and install stage lights Cost £111 : 15/ 6d.

June 22nd Borough of Takapuna require new 100 foot fire hose installed & fireman on duty @ fee of 2/6d per night. Also hall to close at 12 o’clock on Saturdays. Piano refurbished with 3 year guarantee £7: 10 / -.


May 5th Engine and dynamo offered for sale not less than £7 : 10/-. Metropole Dance Band available £2 :10/- shillings, evening dress, able to play old tunes plus jazz.

August 17th Offer for engine and dynamo from J Waddell. £7 :10/- plus £1 per year for use of engine shed. Already renting 2 rooms on 3rd floor. ( doing what????)


Projector room added to eastern wall above office on top floor.


Pinex soft board fitted to top floor walls and hall repainted. Supper room gib boarded and painted.


Regular sailing on Saturdays after work finishing as 12 noon . Quite difficult when tide out .TBC fleet stored on haulage area in summer and sailed to other harbour clubs through out the season, plus hosted fleets at Bayswater. (No road trailers). Sailing facilities improved, lockers in clubhouse for small boat gear and first bank of dinghy lockers built at Bayswater Ferry wharf for moored boats.

February 11th Dance after Club regatta Supper room set aside for stalls & side shows. Dance cost- 2/6d.

April 24thMr Sussex donated mirrors for cloak room.(The 3 large mirrors from changing rooms now in supper room)

June 1st J Lucas leaves NZ and J Wheelhouse takes over lease on hall for dances. Rent paid £3 : 5/- for Saturday. (seemed to be twice month on average.)TBC purchase piano and amplifier from J Lucas at £130 and sold their own piano for £55.


Supper room ceiling cleaned and painted until materials available to repair. Power points in 2nd floor and top kitchen to boil urns for tea. Telephone installed - Phone Number 70 -788.


Account from Phillip and Impey for paints to decorate supper room and murals in hall.23 gallons of shell pink, lime green, power blue, green, red and white.

December 2nd Materials for 1st floor repairs. Floor repaired sanded then new matai floor glued down and re sanded and sealed. Cost £394 plus voluntary labour.


May 20th Repairs to supper room floor and sanded for sealing. Shore Sails to lease top floor for sail making.


Shore Sails given permission to install large window on verandah and paint ceiling in loft.


City of Takapuna brick up and improve outside of public toilets. Can’t demolish as building is holding up the road. Sometime later building leveled and grass put on top.


Shore Sails lease 2nd floor to make caravan awnings.


City of Takapuna schedule Bayswater Clubhouse Category B in District Plan Heritage list. Optimist building programme started on 3rd floor.


October Timber and poles for gantry deck and wooden launching ramp purchased and fitted to start optimist sailing at Bayswater.


Clubhouse verandahs repaired and building painted. New sashes in 3rd floor Total cost $30,000.00.


Shore Sails transfer lease to Mr Boats / Russ Abbott. TV advert company cover building with primer and film without TBC’s permission!


New stairs and rail fitted to northern door. 2nd floor stairs to water improved and door floor level lowered to make better entrance at northern end.


TBC paint supper room, re build kitchen and have boathouse rewired.


Clubhouse part of film “Deepwater Haven” shot around Devonport. Shore Sails vacate loft for Maritime Museum. Tea dance and home coming evening hosted in 1st floor to pay insurance on building while no tenant.


New sailmaker in loft John Clinton with Wings and Waves Ltd.


New sailmaker Graeme Robbins Sails


“Bayswater Windsports” help renovate 2nd floor with shop, new toilets and kitchen plus toilet in 1st floor.


TBC sailing at Bayswater changes to adult programme in Mirror dinghies


Probation services men dig out mud around foundations for inspection to repair and improve the foundations.m. Wings and Waves take over loft.

2006/ 2009

TBC has re wired 1st and 2nd floor, made lids for sewing pits in loft installed new kitchen in loft, 2 new roller doors, and painted the supper room.


The Bayswater Committee is now working with the Heritage Architect and is seeking funding towards the restoration of this iconic coastal landmark building.

This is a very brief summary of the history of TBC. I am working on a complete club time line. I’m now up to 1995 on page 66! If you can help with any information please ring me? I am most interested in the years 1920, 1930 and 1940 as the minutes for these years have been lost.

Janet Garrett
Phone (09) 4451 739.

The Swimming Pool

Built on the seaward side of the Bayswater Club house & known as the Bayswater Baths:


Takapuna Borough Council builds salt water swimming pool. This is joined to the foundations of the Club house and is mentioned in the Conservation plan as a baffle for heavy seas against the Club house foundations.Within the TBC 3rd floor were changing rooms for ladies and gents opening off the verandah.


Takapuna Borough council erected public conveniences to east of clubhouse on road side. (remains can be seen from 2nd floor steps.)


October 11th Letter to Takapuna Borough Council from TBC re state of pool, required timber to repair the picket fence above the concrete walls, plus clean and paint.

November 27th TBC agrees to manage the Baths under the conditions as previous years. (Conditions unknown)

December 20th Takapuna Borough Council agrees to TBC managing the Baths.


October 31st Takapuna Borough Council agrees to annual clean of Baths.

November 10th TBC letter to Takapuna Borough Council re damage to Baths by storm in October. Also vandalism to dressing room doors.


December 17th Borough of Takapuna agrees to replace the springboard.


March 3rd Thank you letter from the North Shore Girl Guides who loan the baths on Wednesday evening last


Takapuna Borough Council grants 25 pounds towards new hand rails around the baths. Also TBC asked to take responsible for public toilets or the Takapuna Borough Council would close the Baths


Baths found to be in poor condition TBC asks for 50 pound grant to repair, but Medical Officer of Health inspected baths and required sea walls to be above high tide, bottom concreted and chlorinating plant to be installed.


March 17th TBC told to repair catwalk and fence or dismantle it. Auckland Harbour Board then required notices to warn of underwater construction. ( In 2000 - 2010 TBC has advertising flags on each of outerends to mark submerged walls)

April 6th TBC advised Council it was unable to accept the offer of repair money and responsible for the future upkeep. TBC needs money in advance to buy materials to fix Baths. Council would only pay on competition.

November 17th Takapuna Borough Council decided to take no action.


November "Takapuna and North Shore News" Article about Baths.

    • Cost of baths - 560 pounds 4 shillings
    • Cost of public conveniences - 473 pounds eleven shillings and eight pence.
    • Maintenance over years cost several hundred pounds.
    • Sign boards erected to state pool closed to public.
    • Public conveniences still open and cleaned once a fortnight by Takapuna Borough Council.


    Bayswater Marina Ltd remove spoil from pool into northern reclamation as instructed by ARC but left large slabs of concrete in the pool and on the seabed beyond the pool. The slabs have blocked all but one of the drains, hence the silt build up.


    Pool half filled with silt and mud put there with ARC permission to enable piles and beams under Club house to be inspected prior to replacement and / or repair. Plan is to clean out pool when repairs finished to enable all the drains to work, but will never be a swimming pool again. On completion of the restoration of the club house it is proposed that the swimming pool will be cleared of all silt and rubbish and generally “tidied”. It is not envisaged that the pool will be restored to an operational state – except perhaps as a venue for model boat racing – but it will be retained as it is a vital part of the club’s foundations and protection against wave damage when the sou’westerlies blow.